C1E0 - Getting To Gnome You

30 minutes

We’re back! Well, back to the beginning, in this case!  We dug this episode out of the archives to share the origins of when Zefini and Shyne met!  First, we’re calling ourselves out before you do, as this was our first recording!  Fun!  But, we were still learning about mics and recording and many other things that I’m sure you’ll notice.  Nonetheless, we tried to remain faithful to our format and quality for your listening pleasure!  Enjoy this glimpse into the past as our characters explore the early town of Riverdenn, and meet its oddball residents.  

Welcome to the world of Eterea! Join our small (and little) group of adventurers as they learn about the world and their places in it.

Blast from the Past Cast: Mark McArthey (DM) Richard McKay (Zefini) Marza McKay (Shyne)





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